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When Missing Out Benefits Your Business

February 15, 20242 min read

"While I'm a fan of not reinventing the wheel, not all 'wheels' are built for the same terrain." - Sarah George

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Do you ever wonder why marketing can be so exhausting? Part of that "spinning your wheels" feeling comes from seeing the many ways other companies execute their tactics and thinking you have to do the same. Every business IS unique, and that's why marketing hasn't worked for you so far––you've tried out-of-the-box tactics without the nitty gritty support.

Hard and Fast Marketing Strategies Hurt Your Business

Not every marketing idea will work for every business. A digital summit works well for online businesses, but apply that tactic to a local service provider, and you'll likely get a flop. There's a term called hacking (different than computer hacking, more like recipe hacking––when you see a meal at a restaurant and try to copy it at home). The problem with hacking is you don't know the other business's marketing goals. What if their goal was brand building and yours is lead generation? While I'm a fan of not reinventing the wheel, not all "wheels" are built for the same terrain.

Identify The Biggest Impact For Your Business

Build a marketing plan (or decide on a new tactic) around a single goal. Are you looking to build up your clientele? Are you looking to build more awareness? Choose one goal.

Then, decide what will have the greatest impact on this goal. For example, if you're an insurance agent looking to work with young families and want to increase your leads in this area, sponsor a local sports team or ice cream social at the local school so you can be at events talking with young families. Be where your people are.

Once you've accomplished that one goal, continue those tactics because you know they work for your business; only then add a new goal.

Double Down On What Marketing IS Working

Consistency is always the name of the game! Do you have a way to measure leads in your business? A CRM, spreadsheet, pipeline software, task software? If not, get one! No matter how good your memory or organization skills are, not having a tool to track measurement will hinder your success.

Your business is not cookie-cutter, and your marketing shouldn't be either. Use a unique strategy that works for you. Not sure how to define your strategy? Schedule a discovery call with me to discuss your growth goal and how useful marketing can get you there.

Sarah George

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