Tell Me a Story Parts 5 & 6

The last stages to a 6-part series on the Story Brand framework. Wrapping up the final steps so you will be able to share your own story geared toward your idea clients.


Tell Me a Story Parts 3 & 4

Continuing to a 6-part series on the Story Brand framework. I walk through the next steps so you will be able to share your own story geared toward your idea clients.


Tell Me a Story Parts 1 & 2

Welcome to a 6-part series on the Story Brand framework. I'll walk through the steps so you will be able to share your own story geared toward your idea clients.


3 Phases of Marketing

The importance of (always) marketing can be summed up to three phases. All of your business comes through one of these phases. 


Not According to Plan

What do you do when a campaign doesn't yield the results you expect or hope for? It can be deflating especially with all the energy you put in and expected a certain ROI of your time, energy, and money. Here are some suggestions...


From Zero to Hero - Marketing Funnel

Are you aware of the marketing funnel? It's called other things: customer journey; buyer awareness; marketing journey. This funnel is the point of your marketing efforts - to go from unawareness to advocate. Recently I went through the entire journey as fast as expedited shipping. Let me share.


Marketing Master Chef

Albeit I'm no Julia Child, I do get a lot of marketing analogies while I'm in the kitchen. The same with taking your time in the kitchen and following a recipe along with using quality individual ingredients to create a tasty meal, is creating and following a plan for marketing in your business. But how do you do that?


Proactive Marketing

As the one running it all, you are trying your best to keep up with what is coming at you right now, and sometimes that is marketing. But there is another, more effective way. Read on for how to be a proactive marketer.


Client Conversation: Dream Builder

You know that feeling of wanting more but not sure how to get it? More satisfaction from your career? More time for vacations? More days feeling healthy and not burned out?

My first featured guest on Client Conversations is Lynne Zimmer, a certified DreamBuilder Coach.

Lynne and I discuss business and connection. Have a listen in.


3 Tasteful Ways to Get Referrals

It doesn't have to feel awkward to ask for referrals. In fact it should feel rewarding to know you are willing to make life better for more people. Clients are willing to refer you if you ask! Squash the begging mindset. Here are 3 ways to get quality referrals without feeling sleazy or desperate.


Find & Connect with your Ideal Clients

What does it mean to connect to your clients? One definition of connecting is to join together to provide access and communication. You have to hear them. Then you can speak to them, and they will be more likely to hear you. Knowing who you are marketing to and what matters to them is critical.

How do you do that? It starts with research and understanding.


Get Business, Not Busy

As a business owner, you want to drive sales so you make money and benefit more people. But getting clients takes time and energy- both of which are a limited commodities. How can you make your growth efforts more effective so it takes less time and makes a bigger impact?


Marketing YOU

You know what you offer is valuable to your ideal clients who need you. You really do make life better for them. But the struggle is actually telling others you are good at what you do without feeling like you are desperate or tooting your own horn.


Marketing Horror

At Halloween, many companies took advantage of the holiday as a time to promote “spooky sales” and new products to all the “boos and ghouls.” The scary festivities sparked some frightening marketing tactics along with some other stories I’ve heard lately. These marketing horror stories have prompted me to address some of what went wrong and what would have been better.


Quality Content in your Marketing

Content for marketing is anything that others can read, watch, or listen to. Think of your content as something that people consume. You want them to consume quality over quantity. Just as in consuming food, we should share nutrient-rich content instead of the garbage that leaves people feeling unsatisfied.


Use the 3 C's for Effective Marketing

I define marketing as a series of activities that get people to engage. Activities that make people feel heard and understood. Effective marketing gets people to feel compelled to act.

Read on to learn how you can design your marketing so people feel compelled to act.

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