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I just finished reading this book, The Whole Brain Child, which discusses integrating all the parts of your brain - left & right, limbic & prefrontal cortex, etc. - and one thing the book teaches is that our brains are wired for CONNECTION. It states, “…the brain is set up for interpersonal integration. Just as its many different parts are made to work together, each individual brain is made to relate with the brain of each person we interact with…Studies of happiness and wisdom reveal that a key factor in well-being is devoting one’s attention and passions to the benefit of others instead of just focusing on the individual. The ‘me’ discovers meaning and happiness by joining and belonging to a ‘we.’”

Perhaps it’s because my brain searches for connection, because it’s one of my core values, but this really stood out to me. And I want to discuss how the importance to connect with your clients relates to your marketing.

What does it mean to connect to your clients? One definition of connect is to join together as to provide access and communication. You are providing access to your knowledge and services while receiving communication from your clients. Communication of what they want. What are their hopes, their desires, their pain-points, their struggles? What values are important to them? You have to hear them. Then you can speak to them, and they will be more likely to hear you. Knowing who you are marketing to and what matters to them is critical.

How do you do that? It starts with research and understanding. Without devoted time, energy, and focus to knowing who you serve and why it matters, you will keep spinning your wheels. That’s why I’ve created Captivate Ideal Clients™ My goals is to help more solopreneurs find their ideal client and know how to serve them, so they can stop chasing people who they will never connect with. Do you want to grow your business through effective marketing? You can discover the purpose behind your drive to be a business owner and gain clarity on your growth direction.

With Captivate Ideal Clients™ you will:

  • Save weeks (or months) of time spent not taking action and losing growth opportunity.

  • Gain insights on your clients and offering so you meet the right needs.

  • Get support and networking from peers in a stress-free learning zone.

Registration is open now. If you have questions or wonder if it will really work for you, schedule a call with me.

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