When It Doesn't Go As Planned

For the past 2 and a 1/2 weeks I have been engulfed in promoting Captivate Ideal Clients™, my signature online program. I went through all the correct steps of promotion. Yet I did not get the results I had hoped for. It's true there are a few solopreneurs who will be clear on their marketing and be able to reach their ideal clients but I was hopeful to reach more of my ideal client. 

There were some gaps I did not notice, as I am so close in the business. They were later pointed out and seen as glaringly obvious. Instead of a lens of failure, I am taking this information as feedback for my next launch. 

What do you do when a campaign doesn't yield the results you expect or hope for?

It can be deflating especially with all the energy you put in and expected a certain ROI of your time, energy, and money. Here are some suggestions to take take post-campaign:

Take time to decompress. That could mean disconnecting, take a day off, do something fun for yourself. Take a break from looking at your results!

Gather feedback. Find out what went right and wrong from the source. Assumptions can only get us so far we have to get real data from the market. Use the data for your next campaign to make it more fitting for your ideal client.

Don't give up. Good marketing takes time and consistency. In fact it's often practicing and going through the motions of a marketing campaign that gain traction for your efforts. Consumers need to hear something 7- 8 times before they start to pay attention. You might think you are sounding like a broken record but the fact of the matter is by the 8th time you say it, people are just starting to listen. This is through different mediums too - video, graphics, sales copy, text, emails, phone calls, direct messages. 

Don't take it personal. You are good at what you do and sometimes it is a struggle to tell others; they don't know what you know so how can they understand what they're missing out of. Press on and keep sharing your message, the right people will find you at the right time.

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