Tell Your Story: Part 5 & 6

Marketing is engaging with the right people. How do you get them to engage back? That's where storytelling comes in. Quick recap: Story Brand, authored by Donald Miller, takes the idea that a brand can tell a story where the customer is the hero and the company is the guide that leads them to success.

This is a 6-part series. See this post for the beginning of the story.

And Action!

Coming to the climax of the 4-part series on the Story Brand framework. You've determined your hero, the problem, and positioned yourself as the guide with a simple process. Soon you'll have the entire framework and be able to share your own story geared toward your idea clients.

Your hero is more aware of their problem than ever. They've heard your 3 or 4-step process of how you help. Now what? You give them a call to action (CTA). This distinct verb sentence gives them direction of how to proceed. There are two types of CTA's:

Direct Call to Action - The ultimate action you want them to take (fill out the application form)

Transitional Call to Action - Small steps before the direct action (visit our website, follow us on social, join our mailing list)

Without telling your ideal client what you want them to do, they will not take that step. Be clear on what you want them to do, too many requests get confusing.

For a Happy Ending Or Else

What does life look like after they hire you? Descriptively paint the picture of success they experience once they've gone through your process. You know the story - the guy who saves the world, gets the girl and rides off into the sunset.

Secondly, consider the consequences if they don't hire you. People take action to receive the reward or avoid failure. Be careful not to layer too much of your story with fear but be clear that there are consequences.

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