Get Business, Not Busy

As a business owner you want to drive sales so you make money and benefit more people. But getting clients takes time and energy- both of which are a limited commodity. How can you make your growth efforts more effective so it takes less time and makes a bigger impact?

Dig deep instead of casting wide

What do you do really well? What do your current customers say about you? This is your zone of genius. When you operate in what you do really well (and have a passion for) you work more efficiently. It takes less brain power and time to complete tasks that come easier to you. This is where you should focus your efforts. Dig into what you excel at and are passionate about rather than trying to cast a wide net for things that you are capable of. Check out this video about it.

Cultivating relationships

This also applies to your client base. Dig deep with the clients who already know, like, and trust you. What interactions can you have to strengthen that relationship? Is there something they need you can offer within your zone of genius? Marketing includes cultivating exciting clients and an effective way to grow is through listening to people who have bought from you previously. Avoid busyness by focusing on a market easier to engage with rather than trying to build trust with a wide variety of prospects.

Focus on who you serve best

Speaking of wide variety, it's critical to know your ideal client. By knowing who you best serve, you direct time and focus on who needs what you sell. Your ideal client has a specific problem and you have the solution. Your marketing should address that problem. Because people are individual, your ideal client will have other problems and aspirations. Your job is to focus on the one that you can solve. Your marketing interactions should speak to this problem and how you make it better. For example, a mobile dog groomer has an ideal client who doesn't travel with their pet; the problem could be because they don't drive, their pet doesn't want to ride, or it's too much of an inconvenience to leave the house. The mobile pet groomer is the answer! The entire experience, from advertising to after sale follow-up should help the problem: I want my pet to be groomed but it's inconvenient to leave the house with my pet. Focusing on the high-end shampoo the groomer uses or requiring any inconvenience in the process would not serve their best client.

What to do next

As a business owner, you want to increase your reach (and sales) effectively. Taking a look at your current processes and strategies that engage with clients is a good start. Where are you spending too much time? What activities are not generating results? What have your clients said they enjoyed about their experience with you?

An audit of where you are now along with a plan of where you want to go is key in growing business without increasing busyness. Let’s connect to talk about it!

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