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Is It Worth It to Hire a Consultant?

January 22, 20233 min read

“When it comes to strategic planning, an outside perspective has many benefits.”
- Sarah George

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Do you need an outside consultant to help with your marketing? Some people say not worth the money, I say ask yourself if you and your team are tired of spinning your wheels. Hiring a marketing consultant to develop and implement your growth strategy is an investment worth considering.

When To Not Hire

I recently read an article advocating for not hiring an outside consultant to help with strategic planning (not necessarily marketing only). Of course you can find anything on the internet for or against any topic, the main point of this article suggested using your internal team to strategize. That can work when you have a team with various expertise and a smaller external workload. It's true a team should be empowered to be decision makers, however, when it comes to strategic planning hiring an outside perspective has many benefits.

Why You Should Hire

Outside Perspective

The internal team has historic knowledge of what worked and what was a disaster as well as past opinions on certain ideas and people. When you bring in a outside consultant you gain a fresh set of eyes without bias. Someone who will suggest new angles and propose non-bias solutions.

Lighten Your Team's Load

If you expect to get strategic planning for marketing out of your staff, expect their normal work duties and mental health to suffer. They already have a job to do and adding this task on top of it can be overwhelming without the correct support in place.

Save Money

By hiring an outside consultant to help with marketing you'll save money on labor costs. If you lean on your staff to fill the role of marketing, productivity in other areas will suffer. You'll either spend money to hire and train more to fill the gaps or lose money on lower productivity.

Added Network

Consultants have years of experience in their field and with comes an extensive network of people and resources. When you hire a consultant you immediately plug into their network.

It's an Investment

Hiring a marketing consultant is an investment- you spend money up front in order to get results that pay you back and then some. It is not a long-term cost; you can expect to add time and money back onto your bottom line.

With my clients I build a marketing plan roadmap that can be leveraged now and in the future. Having it laid out with objectives and actionable items makes it a repeatable process. Plus I offer implantation support to get the plan in action. It's rewarding to hear my clients express the relief of not having to do it all alone.

Conclusion: Having an outside perspective helps you see your company in a new light. You can't see the forest through the trees and when you are so close to your own business your marketing efforts can feel overwhelmed or unproductive. If that's where you're at, I'm here to help - schedule a consultation.


Sarah George

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