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January 03, 20234 min read

“Marketing efforts are a process. It takes time and continued effort.”
- Sarah George

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January 1 marks day one of many people’s new year resolutions- positive changes they wish to make in their life beginning with a fresh start. We get so excited to carry out our goals knowing the outcome is something we want. Statistics show that a significant amount of “resoluters” give up before February is over. What happens in that short timespan that we go from pumped up Rocky Balboa motivation to forget-about-it pessimism? And how do you prevent it?

Motivation is Meaningless

Motivation is a desire or willingness to do something. Motivation typically comes from external things we like. I am motivated to make dinner because I like to eat. Resolutions or goals are not always something we want to do. We want the outcome of reaching the goal but in the process to get there, we are not so willing. That’s why we say you have to have will power – actual power to go against or change your willingness. Motivation strikes when we are excited, we want to complete a task. That is not helpful when we try to accomplish something that has a grueling process. Losing weight doesn’t happen overnight, it comes from having a plan to eat better and move more every day for many, many days in a row.

I have a commitment to myself that I will exercise 3 days a week (hey it’s something) and I typically stick with Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Most Mondays are difficult to get out of bed and get my exercise in. I don’t want to do it; I am not motivated to get out of my warm bed on a Monday to go move my body in a way that exhausts me and sometimes hurts. But I know if I skip it this one time it becomes easier to skip it again and before I know, I don’t exercise regularly anymore and my health suffers. Motivation is meaningless. Consistency makes change happen.

Mind Over Matter

Discipline is the practice of forming better habits that can be repeated no matter the external circumstances. You have to change your internal thoughts to stay on track. Often your thoughts are what get you in trouble. “It’s only skipping one time. I’ll do it next time” “I don’t even see any progress, why do I bother?” Discipline is performing the task whether you want to or not, chances are you are glad you did once it’s over. Block your thoughts and take action. Every step in the right direction gets you where you want to go. That’s how you stay determined to achieve the goals you’ve laid out for yourself. You focus on the process and the results will come. Little by little you will reach your resolution. Slow progress is better than no progress.

My parents keep a height chart for the grandkids, who now range from age 3 to 23. It’s amazing to see the marks a half-inch or so apart from each other yet feet apart from the first to the last. Each time the kids are measured they’ve grown a little more, the progress wouldn’t even be noticeable if it weren’t measured. And so with our progress we keep inching forward, stick with it and the change will come.

What Are You Waiting For?

Did you make growth goals, or resolutions, for your business? What challenges do you face to stay committed? Focusing on the daily steps, the minute details, the disciplined actions are what keep you moving forward. You can’t count on the desire from motivation to achieve desired outcomes. Having a plan for direction forward is key.

Marketing efforts are a process. You don’t get clients after they’ve heard of you once and you are not guaranteed their future business. It takes time and continued effort - in a word: consistency. You will be more effective to start something and continue with it to get results. You may not get instant conversions but I guarantee with time and focus on the process you will succeed. Step by step. A mapped out plan will guide your steps.

Conclusion: Make your first step to schedule a consultation with me. We'll start with discussing where you are and where you want to be. It's not going to be one giant leap to get you there. I'll help map out your marketing step by step so you make it there. Talk soon!

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