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How to Avoid the Marketing Plateau

March 16, 20243 min read

“Giving your audience little nuggets of who you are, things they identify with, will build trust over time.” - Sarah George

Just because you've talked about your services 3x this month doesn't mean your audience saw any of it. Ouch, that stings. Here is what you need to do with your content so that statement doesn't hurt!

Keep repeating the big 3: who you are, what services you offer, and why you're different.

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The Marketing Message Life Cycle

The cycle of marketing is...

1.) Attention

2.) Interest

3.) Trust or engagement (and only then will your client become a referral machine)

Attention is what first caught their eye. This could be anything from another school mom casually mentioning you during school pickup to a social media post.

Interest is when people decide to pay attention for more than a moment. You can get attention for yelling "fire" in a crowded room, but if there isn't a fire, you're not going to keep attention.

Trust occurs after you've kept their interest for a while and nurtured the relationship. They believe you are who you say you are and will do what you say you will do.

Nurturing Relationships Is A Marketing Process

If you're feeling bored of your messaging, this is where you can be more creative.

What regular, everyday stories are happening in your life to show your relatability to your clients?

Ex: Who needs an alarm? My 4-year-old or my dog wakes me up like clockwork (... one hour before my actual alarm goes off).

Ex: How many drinks are on your desk right now? I've got a black coffee, club soda, and kombucha. How about you?

Giving your audience little nuggets of who you are, things they identify with, will build trust over time. It also has the bonus of never feeling salesy.

Your Message Isn't Boring; It's Consistent

This is one of the hardest marketing lessons you'll ever have to learn. It's in our nature to "change things up" when we've exhausted the idea. You buy a new wardrobe because you've worn that one sweater at least 86 times. But think of how many people did not see you in that sweater?

If you don't learn the lesson that your message is not boring, you'll lose consistency and hit an actual plateau because you stop doing the activities that brought clients in in the first place!

When you're starting to get bored of your message, your audience is only just starting to recognize it – let alone remember it! Find out how many times your audience has to hear a message before they pay attention.

In today's busy world, there are many touch points, which means you need a plan to get your message out there clearly and consistently. Make a marketing plan that works with Captivate Ideal Clients™, a learn-it-yourself video series and "build-it-together" marketing plan.

If you need help getting started on your marketing messaging and maintaining it, book a call with me and we'll work collaboratively to achieve your goals.

Sarah George

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Let's Connect!

No pressure. Tell me your goals for growing your business and together we'll walk through some fresh ideas. Your first consultation is at no cost, no obligation.

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