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From Zero to Hero - The Marketing Funnel

May 15, 20244 min read

"With a little research and a focused plan, you can have clear and consistent marketing that attracts ideal clients."
- Sarah George

Are you aware of the marketing funnel? It's also called the customer journey, buyer awareness, marketing journey, and AIDA (awareness, interest, desire, action). This funnel is the point of your marketing efforts—to go from unawareness to advocacy. Recently, I went through the entire journey as fast as expedited shipping. Let me share.

Perusing social media one day, I scrolled across a friend's post that caught my eye and raised my awareness. So, I stopped to read what this was about. My friend, who I love and trust, sells essential oil products (❤️ them too). All the words resonated with me, causing me to become more aware of my lack in life for not having this product!

So I hopped on over to the oil shop and dropped that little beauty in my cart. Once it arrived, I got to experience everything my friend posted about it. And it was everything she mentioned. Then, I used it for my daughter's chapped hands, knowing the benefits it had given my skin. And now here I am raving about it to you.

From one little post, I went from not knowing this thing existed to purchasing and sharing my positive experience with others. That's a quick ride on the marketing funnel. Granted, I already trusted the seller, which sped things up.

Let's Go on a Journey

As the flow chart above shows, all buyers go through this process. It can be so routine that we don't even think about it (coffee, gum, polo shirt). Or, more likely, it's a drawn-out deal. Let me give you one more example, this time with the marketing efforts that can happen along the customer journey.

Imagine yourself in a new home; you've settled in, and it's mostly decorated, but you become aware something is missing. That big white wall stares at you and screams cover me! If you have a problem, it's time to get in the market for wall art. You take out your phone and do a quick search, but there's too many options. You shut down.

But the marketers behind your search want your consideration so they can solve the bare wall problem. You'll start to see digital ads pop up. You know, the kind that follow you all over. You might have even visited a site and given your email address in exchange for an article on the top 10 trending art motifs––let the email marketing begin! Your inbox is filled with messages that say "If you like this, you might like that," "Hear these testimonials from real customers," "Check out this sale." "Your cart is waiting."

You decide to check out a local art dealer you heard an ad for on the radio and drive by their well-placed sign several times a week. Wow! They have friendly staff who listen to your vision for your home. They offer some ideas you really like. However, this is a big investment, and you want to know you'll love it. Before you walk out the door, they hand you a card listing their website and social handles, plus a QR code allowing you to overlay the artwork in your home virtually.

So, now that you're inspired, you do a little more research. Where is the best price and quality? Is customer service available? All these considerations lead to your decision. Now, it's time to purchase.

Based on all the information and your feelings, you made the choice that gave you the most perceived value. When all is said and done, your home is complete, and you can remember those positive emotions every time you gaze at the now handsomely accessorized wall. And what do you tell guests that visit your home? You advocate for the art seller who made your house a home.

Apply This: Walk Through Your Client's Journey

Knowing that every person you prospect and sell to goes on this journey, how do you incorporate useful marketing strategies throughout the process? Consider some questions about your clients:

  • What do they value?

  • What stands in their way?

  • How does your marketing and messaging position you to help them overcome this?

  • When do you stay in touch?

  • What emotions do they feel before and after working with you? Stress, frustration, fear, discontent? Then peace, relaxation, confidence, success?

I utilize a process with my clients to clarify how to get their messaging to resonate with the right people. With a little research and a focused plan, you can have clear and consistent marketing that attracts ideal clients.

I am available for consideration to overwhelmed service providers who are experts at what they do and want to attract high-quality clients. Schedule a discovery call to see if we're a good fit.

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