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Transform in marketing

August 24, 20232 min read

“People buy things because they believe it'll make them feel a certain way, your marketing message should portray the end result.”
- Sarah George

No matter what service or product you sell, you are really selling transformation. Clients want to go from a negative state to a better life. That could be feeling less frustrated, more confident, or saving time or money. People buy things because they believe it'll make them feel a certain way, your marketing message should portray the end result.

Along Your Client's Journey

Your potential clients have a problem and it's one you can solve. But they are hesitant because they don't know if they'll get the results they want. Investing in your services is a risk, will it pay off? They consider the options, even doing nothing.

But when they read, see, or hear that the service you sell transforms them from one state of being to another (i.e.- stressed to peaceful; cluttered to organized; sluggish to energized) they can't help but buy in. That's what they really want, to change how they feel.

Show Transformation

As business owners we can get so focused on the actual service we sell that we forget to highlight what really makes a difference - how we change lives. Here are a few ways you can show the way you help clients transform.

  1. In your marketing collateral - website, emails, social media posts, ads - use images of happy people using your service or product.

  2. Use testimonials that your past and current clients provide. Ask them specifically how was life before working with us vs after. Avoid general phrases like "great company." You want your clients words to demonstrate new life. Here's an example:

    “Sarah is a knowledgeable & creative Marketing strategist. Her expertise has helped modify and improve our presence in the marketplace. With her suggestions, we made some very basic website modifications that saw much improved RFP (request for proposal) opportunities. She is a genuine person and a pleasure to work with. We are glad to have her services as a part of our Marketing team.” - Lee, Moran Iron Works

  3. Case studies show how you work and the results people can expect. A case study will demonstrate the process giving your potential clients clarity on what working with you is like and provide results showing before and after. During one of your next client project take notes and create a case study if you don't already have something.

Conclusion: People buy to feel better. Tell them how your service makes life better. What pain do you alleviate or joy do you provide? You have tools to help them improve. Not sure how you make life better? Ask past clients! They'll be happy to share their experience. Then use that in your marketing to attract others. If you get stuck, give me a call. Better yet, schedule a no obligation discovery call.

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