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Ideas to Grow Business With the Locals

October 31, 20233 min read

“It doesn't matter how small your town is, not everybody knows you and what you do.”
- Sarah George

Locally Bound

There are service businesses that are geographically bound (landscapers, hair stylist, physicians) and there are clients who just prefer to work with someone in their own backyard. Either way, if your ideal clients are in your local zip code here are some ways you can expand your reach locally.

Networking In Your Network

The first thing to consider is expanding through networking. Now I know you might not like the idea of networking as in going to events and doing all the things but I really mean is networking with your current clients. Who do your clients that you work with now know that could use your services? Maybe work with where you can expand generationally. Say you work with Mom and Dad, can they refer you to their kids? Or you work with the kids, can you refer you to Mom and Dad or cousins? I have one client who is a financial advisor, and he works with whole entire families.

Another way to network your network would be neighbors. Can your clients' neighbors be in your market? An example of this is a general contractor, would offer a discount to homeowners if they would allow for an open house and use it as a marketing opportunity. So their friends and family come see the beautiful home plus get to meet him as he hands out business cards.

Change the Channel

Another tactic that you can use to grow your market locally is using new marketing channels. Maybe you've advertised; you've marketed in one way. Is there something new that you can try? Is direct mail something that could benefit you to expand your reach? It doesn't matter how small your town is not everybody knows who you are. Not everybody knows what you do, so you can always expand to new people, and even if that people are moving into town, people are having kids, and there's new additions to the market.

Facelift Your Website

The time a final thing is making sure your website is up to date, and that your website truly tells what you do and how you help make people's lives better, because people don't wanna necessarily know how long you've been in business or how many awards you've won, what they really want to know is, how are you going to make their lives better? And why should they hire you? What is it that makes you stand out from anybody else for the service you provide?

Make sure that your website tells that story because it is a first impression for most people. Anybody who doesn't know you even if they've been referred by their best friend, they're still going to look your company up and for more information about you. Make a true impression.

Conclusion: Serving a local market can seem limiting but the truth is there are so many opportunities you can tap into. Start with these few above. I'm here if you're ready for more ideas or for help to plan your marketing strategy with a clear message for your service area. Get started by scheduling a no obligation discovery call. I look forward to connecting!

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Let's Connect!

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