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Clarity Beats Creativity

February 02, 20242 min read

"When you tap into making life better and easier, the right people will flock to you." - Sarah George

Our human brains are wired to do two things:

1) Survive and thrive

2) Conserve calories

With all the thousands of marketing messages we see daily, it's self-preservation to tune most out. As a small business, how do you cut through the noise?

Simple – be clear in your marketing messages.

When you are clear, you make it easy for your clients to understand, and that saves them from trying to use energy to figure it out.

Clear Beats Clever

I appreciate a clever play on words or crafty design as much as the next, but there is a time and place for it. When you are first introduced as an option to buy from, you want to be as clear as possible. Lay out what you do with words so a 10-year-old can understand.

If you heard that a professional trainer specializes in Canis lupus familiaris, would you hire them? How about they tell you they'll train your dog so you can take him on a walk instead of him walking you? Yes, there is a smarty-pants name for dog, but companies make a lot more sense using the common language.

Keep it Simple

Less is more. In explaining how your business helps, keep it simple. Leave out technical jargon and avoid too many details. In fact, if you outlined all the steps to reach the finish line, clients would be so overwhelmed they'd check out. You want to set them up for the next step to move forward. Your marketing should give clients the overall picture to start with this small step. Together, we'll get to your goal.

Stay Unique

It might seem boring or repetitive to use simple messaging. However, when you solve a specific problem for an ideal client, and when you tap into making life better and easier, the right people will flock to you – especially when you combine this in a form of narrative marketing that takes people on a journey to working with you.

Conclusion: I utilize a process with my clients to give clarity on getting their messaging to resonate with the right people. With a little research and focused planning, you can have clear and consistent marketing that attracts ideal clients.

You want marketing that works so you aren't wasting time and money. I partner with small businesses and organizations to provide clear and consistent marketing strategies, so you see results. Schedule a discovery call to partner up.

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Let's Connect!

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