Tell Your Story: Part 1 & 2

Marketing is engaging with the right people. How do you get them to engage back? That's where storytelling comes in. Let me introduce Story Brand. Authored by Donald Miller, it takes the idea that a brand can tell a story where the customer is the hero and the company is the guide that leads them to success.

If you consider the Hollywood plots you've watched there is always a main character with a problem who relies on guidance to find a solution or the results will be tragic (think Luke Skywalker & Yoda). Our brains are wired to want to conclude the story. That's where storytelling is so powerful in your marketing. Over the little bit I am going to walk you through the Story Brand framework and help you tell your story. Let's begin.

There is This Hero...

The first step is to define your hero, or ideal client. What do they want? What is important to them? What are their interests & dislikes? What does their morning routine look like? Defining your ideal client gives you direction for your marketing messages. Say what matters to them in a way they want to hear it. If their morning routine includes coffee, you can talk about the fresh aroma of ground Robusta beans.

... Who Has to Combat the Enemy

Once you know your hero, understand their problem. Every story has a problem that must be solved otherwise tragedy strikes. To help you define the problem they face consider their pain points in these 4 ways:

1) The Villain - Is there a root cause to the problem that can be personified? The evil Mud Monster that springs from the depths to destroy your car's interior.

2) External - What is the problem others can see your ideal clients deal with? Dirty car and muddy floor mats.

3) Internal - How do your clients feel because of this villain? Annoyed, appalled, embarrassed.

4) Philosophical - Why is it "just not right" for your client to bear this burden? Everyone deserves the chance to feel fresh and clean in their car when they hit the road for the morning commute.

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