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Marketing Strategy


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A formal marketing plan helps shape and give direction to marketing activities. Strategizing who, what, where, when, and how you connect with your clients and prospects aligns your actions and creates an efficient process for growing your business. The actual task of creating a plan can be daunting; that’s where I come in. The strategy package includes:


  • Marketing & communications audit

  • Defining target audiences (ideal client)


  • Developing compelling targeted messages

  • Determining media/promotional platforms

  • A trusted referral process


  • Written marketing strategy

  • Calendar to implement strategy

Join Captivate Ideal Clients™ to go at your own pace and build a marketing strategy without overwhelm.

Strategy Implementation

Price varies. Retainer option available.

You have a marketing strategy in place and need some extra support to implement all the ways you engage your audience. Your time is spent working with clients and operating daily operations. Consider Connective Consulting™ your extended arm of marketing. Depending on your specific marketing needs some implementation examples include:

  • Managing your website content

  • Designing and executing target campaigns

  • Revamping or creating consistency of your brand

  • Curating and sending newsletters

  • Diving into analytics

  • Designing marketing materials

Project Management

Price varies.

Sometimes there is a project that either doesn’t get off the ground due a to lack of resources or you need additional support for a project immediately. Either way, I’ve got you covered. Some ideas are:

  • Designing a marketing brochure

  • Organizing your client database

  • Revamping or creating consistency of your brand

The options of what we can accomplish together are endless. Start with a Marketing Power Hour to move some items from “to do” to “DONE!”

Know Your Who™

Market Research


Do you know who your ideal client is? What are their pain points? The vocabulary they use? Where do they hang out? What’s important to them? Answering all of these questions helps you have a strong marketing plan.

Understanding your ideal clients who need what you offer is key to engagement and building a community, which leads to increased profits. Know Your Who™ is a research-based service that discovers the traits and desires of your ideal client through:

  • Client database review

  • Client surveys

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • Market research

  • Defining your service statement

Your messaging will be so clear to the right people it’s like you’re talking directly to them. And when people feel heard, they buy.

Business Control Center


Keeping track of all of your marketing collateral and content is yet another task on the to-do list, yes, but imagine the time and embarrassment you'll save. The Business Control Center is a done-for-you service to get all your marketing assets organized and congruent so you easily show up professional and reliable. BCC helps you organize your logos, stationary, word of mouth/testimonials, and more. There isn't much worse than seeing your old logo show up on your business cards.

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"I've worked with Sarah George (Connective Consulting) as my social media consultant for almost a year. Because I had no experience and little knowledge in this area I had to rely totally on her expertise to set up the social media platform for my new business. During that time she has not only been kind,- but most professional in her manner. Her work has been impeccable and efficient. I could not have done it by myself. I would recommend her to anyone ".

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