What has Connective done to increase profits

for small businesses and organizations? Can it be

done for you?

Engage readership for non-profit e-newsletter.

Within two months of designing and curating a monthly newsletter using stories of interest and captivating images, open rate

increased by an average of 5%

Manage client conversion process for financial services firm.

By cultivating current clients, Connective Consulting™ was able to help increase services provided to individuals and families resulting in additional revenue while solidifying the relationships with clients.

Outsourced Graphic Design

Produced logos, sell sheets, invitations, postcards, large posters, social media assets, and other branded materials saving companies’

staff time and resources. Contact for samples.

Refined and polished various websites to drive traffic.

Worked with existing content to design an appealing and functional website that helps convert leads. Connective Consulting™ has experience with multiple web designing platforms (Squarespace, Wix, WordPress) for refining and updating your digital presence. If it’s a new website you need I can assist with coordinating that too.

What Clients Are Saying ...


"Timely Response"

"Sarah, - Thank you for this timely response. I was just thinking last night that I should reach out to you today!"


"The wording is great"

"Thanks Sarah, the wording is great, you are very good at putting words together in a meaningful way."


"You nailed it"

" Hi Sarah, Love what you’ve come up with for the copy, this is definitely what we had in mind! I think you nailed it with getting the You and Your in there the perfect amount. Let me put the copy in to some of the posters to see what they look like, I’ll share once I do that! Thanks, Sarah, I will be in touch, have a good week-."

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